Gumbee Fantasy Writers’ ‘do’ Emotion: No. 2, David Staniforth

In searching through my writing for a passionate scene, I have selected this one from “Ruler’s Desire” (the second book in the “Fuel to the Fire” series, and discovered that like the fighting scenes, my narrative style seems to be about avoidance. I’m certain a psychologist would find something interesting to say about that, but the avoidance here is essential to the plot. What made an interesting dynamic for me was the fact that both characters wanted each other passionately, but Ronyn alone knew why they couldn’t have sex. I can’t say any more without making it a spoiler. I wanted the scene to make the character’s bond all the stronger and hopefully send a message to younger readers that sex and love are not the same thing.

The stone floor, cold and damp, stank of urine and defecation. It reeked of death. The air was violated with the metallic stink of spilled blood and the aroma of rotting flesh. People had died on this very spot. How many? Their flesh split like tender fruit, oozing until life was extinguished.

She must remain pure.

Ronyn focused on the filth, the stench, the horror of it all in an attempt to dampen his passion. If they had a chance, any chance at all to escape, to come out of this unharmed, it was all the more likely if he followed the Keeper’s instructions. She must remain pure, Hesperus wouldn’t have written it if it hadn’t been important.

“I love you Davran.”

“I love you too. That’s why…”

Ronyn placed his forefinger to her lips. “Love deserves more than this. Look around. Smell the air. Think of all that’s happened in this place. I want to make love to you too. But making love is not this. Making love is safe surroundings, gentle music, clean sheets, or woodland, even. Or a meadow bathed in dappled sunshine with the music of crisp running water.”

Ronyn placed a hand to her chest and then her forehead. “Truly making love is in here and in here. I’ve been doing that since the day I met you. If we have sex in this place those memories will be tarnished.”

Ronyn enveloped Davran in his arms, his strong chest supporting her head. She leaned back and looked up into his eyes, and they shared a soft kiss. It felt special, somehow, more powerful than the previous kisses of passion. It was warm and soft and sent a jolt to her heart. It seemed to tug on cords deep within her being. The kisses before, when she had wanted him inside her, were forceful, powerful and exciting. This one, this tender, lingering kiss was magical. With this kiss he truly was inside her, deep, deep inside. It was a kiss which carried the bond of true love and formed an impenetrable connection.



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3 responses to “Gumbee Fantasy Writers’ ‘do’ Emotion: No. 2, David Staniforth

  1. That’s a great scene, David. Kind of makes me want to vomit, but it’s in a good way, if that’s possible haha. Nicely done 🙂

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