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Welcome to the Gumby Fantasy Writers' Guild


Hello there, welcome to the blog-cum-website of the Gumbee Fantasy Writers’ Guild. We’re not quite sure what to do with it yet but for now, let’s re-iterate who we are and why we’re here.

The Gumbee Fantasy Writers Guild

The idea behind the Guild is that it should be a mark of quality. We like having fun. Whether or not we write funny books, we consider a sense of humour to be a sign of erudition and all round civilisation. Not all the members of the GFWG write funny books but we all write Fantasy of a decent standard, and we all like a joke.

  1. We aim to make membership to the GFWG a quality standard. Books tagged with the Guild label should be a fun or good read – or both. There’s a lot of dross out there. So, the idea is that you can look up books tagged ‘Gumbee Fantasy Writers Guild’ (Amazon won’t let us put the apostrophe after the s) and find some that are… well… not dross.
  2. Fantasy is a pretty broad category which stretches into Sci Fi and the fuzzy boundary area between
  3. We understand that our readers do not want to feel duped, ripped off or generally disrespected. We therefore pledge to behave honourably. Gumbee Fantasy authors will never use sock puppet accounts or big up our own or each others’ books with fake reviews or reviews that do not express our genuine opinions. Nor will we leave poor reviews of the work of other authors on purely personal grounds – those of us who write will endeavour to only write reviews that reflect our genuine opinion about the quality of the book; nothing else counts. We will not knowingly plug our books in the wrong places, unless we’re being ironic.

How do I get to be a member?

To be a member you must have the following for most of your books.
A four or five star review from an Amazon Top 1000 reviewer
An equivalent review from some other recognised reviewer.
Because these can take some time to get, an author whose work is considered suitable by three members named below

Jim Webster
MT McGuire
Will Macmillan Jones

Can be classed as an acting member until such time as the proper reviews happen.

A list of guild members can be found here



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